Cloud-Based Access Control in Las Vegas

March 5, 2018 by seonexsys

Access Control refers to security systems that restrict access to certain areas, so that only authorized users can open specific doors or computer files and networks. This guarantees the safety and security of certain areas of the business by preventing unauthorized access.

Cloud-based access control uses access control software in a virtual environment that tracks the access of the monitored areas in real-time. With this type of access control, multiple credentialed users can monitor the logins and logouts of certain doors and systems at any time. For example, a manager might want to know what time his employee left for a break. If there is an access control panel on the door of the break room, the employee would have to swipe his badge first in order to enter the room. Then the door would open for him, and the information would be recorded on the cloud-based system. The manager then could view that information by logging into the security system, and he would know what time his employee left for break. Cloud-based security systems also offer suspicious access alerts to ensure the safety of staff.

Nexsys in Las Vegas offers cloud-based access control services to local businesses. This company provides security solutions from Brivo, the developer of superior cloud security systems. Nexsys handles the installation and management of these systems.

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