Door Access Control Systems-Controlling Access to Building

May 8, 2018 by seonexsys

Companies may need door access control systems for compliance or security reasons. Controlling access to your property minimizes risks of unauthorized access to the property, which increases chances of theft or safety incidents. Door access control systems minimize those risks.

Should I get a door access control system?

Access control systems keep commercial properties safe and secure from unauthorized entry. Systems can be configured to meet a specific system set of property needs. Complex networked systems control access to facilities while minimizing access to various areas throughout the premises. In not using keys to control access, facilities management processes are simplified.

Choosing the right system for your business

The door access control system should be chosen based on a company’s needs. Access to any property is usually the primary reason for considering installing a system. Basic security requirements may dictate a simple card that needs to be swiped for entry or exist. More complex security needs for compliance concerns may require a heightened level of security. In this case, various authentication methods may be used to gain access to the system. As an added measure, one can install CCTV systems for properties surveillance.

Basics of access control systems

An access card is the cornerstone of any door access control system. The key card reader is used to make the decision to permit or deny entry. Special locks are then installed to secure the premises. The alert notifies administrators that a door may be open. The controller is then used to control the locking mechanisms in place to secure the various entry points. Finally, the software is used to control permissions and interactions with the facility. Additional technologies may be required to track entry and exit of key professionals. PCI compliant of SOC2 compliant authentication systems may be installed to support the system’s enhanced security requirements.

Security for your commercial property is a concern for most businesses. When choosing a door access control system, security requirements should always be considered as well as any other complementary services that may be needed such as property surveillance. The solutions can be adapted to meet any complex business needs.

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