Electronic Access Control System

May 3, 2018 by seonexsys
Electronic Access Control System-Access Control Parameters
Electronic door access control systems offer an efficient means for managing access to facilities. Supported by a state-of-the-art networked system, the system controls access to one or several properties of a commercial facility. The complex framework can be configured to meet a range of security requirements.

Access to the premises

These electronic access control systems contain locks and systems that are managed from access control technologies. These systems track entry and exit activity to a property. The card key readers are managed outside the various entry points outside the property. The readers can identify codes, biometrics or credentials. You can combine the credentials with biometric solutions to further enhance security measures. The key fob triggers a decision to permit entry or exit of premises. Keys can be configured to expand privileges to multiple locations. At any time, a key can be deactivated, deleted or reprogrammed for maximum flexibility. Some systems are managed by Radio Frequency Identification cards, which can often be read from a given range. The locking systems used are determined by the material of the doors that are being secured.

How complex are your access systems?

The primary consideration should be the level of security needed to secure the commercial property. If there are some security requirements, then you will need to address any compliance concerns. Systems can be configured to support as few as one or two entry points, other systems can be much more complicated, capable of supporting as many doors as necessary to secure the entire property.

Tracking activities

There are a variety of different tracking notifications that can be provided by the system. Reports of daily activity can be monitored to detect trends or monitor employee attendance. Notifications can be sent the moment a person’s credentials are revoked, denying them access to the property.

Security systems deter theft activity from internal and external threats. They can be used to monitor activity at the premises and be configured to manage security across multiple properties. A company can choose to enhance the security of their access control systems by adding advanced control features such as biometric technologies.

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