Hard Wired Access Control Systems

April 28, 2018 by seonexsys

Hard wired access control systems protect the property and important business assets throughout the home. These systems prevent a person from gaining unauthorized access to a building while keeping employees safe. These systems are becoming increasingly commonplace in commercial facilities.

Overviewed of a hard wired system

The hard wired security system consists of sensors installed at various entry points throughout the property. The sensors are directly wired to the central panel, which controls all of the network supporting the facility. These systems are considered more reliable than their wireless counterparts in that the potential for electrical interference can be controlled from various devices. In the event that there is any electrical interruption, automatic backup technologies are triggered to ensure continued, around-the-clock monitoring. Wired systems can be connected directly into the facility’s power source.

How the readers work

Access control system credentials work with a control reader to monitor entry and access to a location. The access control system features a reader, controller platform and a reader. The readers house important information like the number of users. The reader system consists of a card and a keypad.

Differences between a wireless and hard wired access control system

Wired systems are operated through the system’s power source while wireless systems are managed completely via a Wi-Fi connection. Wired systems are less expensive than their wireless counterparts. These systems are still supported by traditional technologies, so it is difficult for these systems to be disrupted. These systems can be installed while systems are in the renovation or early construction stages. Systems can be monitored via smartphones or traditional computers. Wired systems do not come with as many features as their wireless counterparts, but they perform reliably just the same.

These complex systems can be configured to meet the specific security challenges of any property. The hardwired system is often considered more reliable due to its ability to thwart resistance and interference. Discuss the hardwired access control system option with your consultant today.

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