How To Be Secure Working Remotely

June 18, 2020 by seonexsys

Remote Working is the New Normal. How Do We Do it Securely?

The idea of remote work has become more mainstream in recent years. As laptops become more powerful, WiFi gets faster, and we found a way to ditch the need for a printer or fax machine.

All of this has turned out to be excellent preparation for working during a global lockdown. What may have happened once or twice a week has become the new daily routine.

However, because everyone is now working remotely, everyone is working in a far more relaxed environment… and is far lazier with their digital security habits. IT security staff are faced with the impossible task of keeping the company safe from cyber threats. Evey remote employee now represents a gate that criminals can open to gain access to your company’s systems and sensitive data.

Follow these steps to secure your network and protect your employees from cyber attacks.

Set Up (at least) Two-Factor Authentication

Use two factor or multi-factor authentication for privileged users accessing the most sensitive data in your network.

Make sure that the authentication requirements don’t prevent users from working remotely. Test out your authentication process with a small set of test subjects before rolling it out to everyone on your team.

Encrypt Your Devices

Ensure that data thieves can’t read or take advantage of the information they just stole, should they succeed in stealing your data Prepare for every scenario where your security may fail, because it will fail at some point.

Do Not Allow Employees to Use Personal Devices for Work

Personal devices open up a host of security risks. Never allow employees to access confidential data through their own devices. Provide your workers with specific work devices to access work-related information and applications.

Ban Public WiFi Usage Without Using a VPN

Banning public WiFi use altogether would be the best move, but if your employees need to use the public WiFi for some reason, make sure they have access to a VPN; this will keep criminals from snooping on their connection.

Track Laptops with Sensitive Data On Them

Sometimes employees will lose laptops that have sensitive data on them, and you must act when such an event occurs. Set your system up so you can track the device or delete the data remotely.

Set Up a Business Account With a Password Manager

With a remote team, you will need to share passwords for tons of sites and online services. Password managers like 1Password use encrypted management so you can share passwords securely with your team.

Segment Access to Employees; Never Give Anyone The Keys To the Entire Kingdom

Breaches happen. When these breaches do occur, make sure your employees can only access the information they need to access to do their jobs. This way, any damage a breach would cause through this avenue will be mitigated before it happens.

Take These Steps to Protect Your Business and Your Remote Teams

This outbreak will end one day (hopefully soon.) However, we will feel its impact on how we do business for a long time. Migrating millions of employees to a remote environment in such a short time opens a lot of security problems. Implement these steps today to make sure your team and your company’s data stays safe and secure.

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