How to Use Technology to Protect Employees from COVID-19 at Work

August 9, 2020 by seonexsys

Unusual activity can often predict a security breach. During a pandemic, we need to adjust our usual routines and redefine what “unusual activity” means. In the workplace, we have to redefine our habits to keep employees safe.

Here are some steps to maximize your security, keep your workers and visitors safe, and manage and enforce new security protocols.

Identify Current Traffic Patterns

In the same way we use traffic laws on the road to prevent congestion, we now have to apply similar rules in our pandemic reality. For example, retail stores use directional arrows to make sure shoppers move in the direction they need to go. Having shoppers flow in one direction while keeping their distance from one another helps minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

A high-tech security platform can enforce similar traffic patterns even while no one’s looking. If you don’t yet have “Enter” and “Exit” signs at your place of business, you may want to get them installed. This way, credentialed users aren’t crossing too closely in the halls, and you encourage one flow of traffic.

Prepare customized reports to locate dense traffic areas and adjust your policy as necessary. If you use multiple entry points for one area, create a new policy that requires workers to only enter through the door that is closest to their work station. Utilize your security platform to strengthen this behavior by giving credentials to people only for the specific entrance points you want them to use.

Use Crowd Control to Enforce New Traffic Patterns

Referring back to the store analogy, you may have seen store personnel count how many people that have left the building so they can invite that same number of people inside. Limiting how many people can be in a space is now the new standard everywhere with heavy foot traffic.

To control the number of people in a space at any time in your business, you can set how many users are allowed to access any given area. You can set the maximum number of people in a particular room at ten or more people or you can revoke a specific worker’s access to a specific place depending on their function.

Add Video Surveillance to Your Security Package

Installing video surveillance equipment will be vital in changing your safety culture and your security successfully. Video surveillance, combined with your security platform, can give you the information you can’t get with a swipe of a badge.

You can view live footage or video from a previous date if you need to make sure everyone follows the new safety protocols. You will see right away if people are wearing masks and following the six-foot distancing rule, should you add these as your policy.

Times Are Changing; Adapt Accordingly.

What we once thought of as unusual and unsafe behavior has now been turned on its head. Use your security platform to help you identify actions that can harm the health of your workers.

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