Securing Your Workplace During COVID-19

August 6, 2020 by seonexsys

While most of the world is under quarantine and employees work from home, the criminal element is still out there looking to take advantage of an overall weakened state of security.

Businesses are more vulnerable to attacks, both physical and digital, than at any time in recent history. To protect your business adequately, you need to develop and execute a physical security plan that fills in the gaps left by your now-absent staff.

Follow these steps to ensure that your business stays secure during these times, and into the future when you can start to open your doors again.

Assess the Risks

Less physical security boosts the chances of being targeted for trespassing and theft. Besides the costs of damage and property loss, you could also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

If someone breaks into your place of business, they have direct access to your computer systems. If they manage to inject malicious code into your system, they could be siphoning funds and stealing intellectual property for a long time. Worse, they could do so for a long time and never get detected.

Develop a Plan

As you come up with a plan, work on the most apparent tasks first. Lock up your most valuable assets, such as computers and vital documents. If you have any essential notes on whiteboards, take a picture of those notes and erase the board, so you don’t risk losing intellectual property during a break-in.

If you still have your doors open for business, make sure only a few people you can trust can access your facility.

Test your systems regularly. If they don’t work, you open yourself to attack, and you just wasted thousands of dollars on equipment that failed you in your hour of need.

Section off your systems so anyone with access to any one piece of your system can’t access the entire network. If one person’s credentials get compromised, you have an added security layer to prevent the rest of your network from being exposed to attacks.

Deploy Your Tech

Thankfully, sound security systems can fill in the gaps that a forced skeleton crew leaves behind.

Remote door locks and intrusion detection systems (such as pressure sensors and video cameras) can help prevent potential intrusions.

To put a stop to potential cyber-attacks that would result from someone breaking into your facility, set up alert systems to notify company leaders should their wifi or landline networks be compromised.

Prepare for Reopening

People are slowly returning to work, but for now, your workforce must still work in significantly reduced numbers to prevent a second wave of the pandemic. As a result, you’re not entirely out of the woods when it comes to the need to secure your workplace.

Now you’ll have to concern yourself with the safety of the people returning to work, and mitigating any risks that now come with a crowded environment. Now you need to control the flow of foot traffic, update evacuation plans, and compartmentalize your staff to protect them as much as possible from infection.

These steps to mitigate and control foot traffic will boost physical security while you open your doors up to the outside world once again, but you will still need to stay vigilant. Follow these steps to keep your business and its data secure at all times.

Remember What You Learned in This Pandemic to Prepare for Future Catastrophes

Unfortunately, this will not be the last time the world will have to deal with a pandemic of this scale. Build on the lessons you’ve learned and update your other contingency plans. List your lessons learned. These will help identify potential gaps you will need to fill now and later, when another catastrophe strikes.

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