Why Use a Digital Visitor Management System in 2020

August 3, 2020 by seonexsys

Companies around the globe are creating innovative tools, allowing them to serve customers in a better and more efficient way. The digital visitor management system is one such tool that leverages the benefits of the digital revolution.

Here are the ways a digital visitor management system can revolutionize your business.

A Digital Visitor Management System Helps Your Receptionists Work Far More Efficiently.

You can store all of your documentation in the cloud, and access it online through a computer.

An iPad replaces the need for a paper logbook at the front desk. It can collect and store the information you need to collect from your visitors.

You Can Locate Visitor Information Much Easier.

Your receptionist no longer has to dig through piles of paperwork to retrieve data on a specific visitor. Now, you enter their names into the system, and you can immediately pull up everything you need in seconds. You can also search for visitor timeline data in a particular time range.

Exporting this data for auditing or reporting is much simpler to deal with than the paper logbooks of old.

Information Security is Greatly Improved.

In today’s digital age, everyone is rightly wary of giving their personal information to anyone they don’t know, including front desk staff.

This system reduces scenarios where anyone can access any sensitive data while the front desk attendant is away. With a digital visitor management system, you can document anyone who goes inside any particular area of your office.

The System Aids in Contact Tracing Efforts

Digital visitor management systems also have screening features in place to help prevent further spread of COVID-19.

These systems help prevent unnecessary contact with staff and allow for a contactless sign-in process. In this sign-in process, you can ask screening questions, such as where they’ve traveled, or their current state of health.

These steps allow the system to alert staff to visitors who may be high-risk so you can plan accordingly.

You Have Instant Access to Emergency Information When Lives Are On the Line.

Disasters, natural or otherwise, may require you to evacuate the building. You will need a way to make sure everyone is accounted for and safe.

Managing this process through traditional logbooks can be a nightmare on its own. A digital visitor management system gives you a real-time checklist of everyone who has signed in to your system. You can now quickly identify people who have safely left the premises and track those who still need to be accounted for.

Set a Digital Visitor Management System Up In Your Office to Join the 21st Century

Today, with the pandemic in full swing, you need to have a system that reduces contact with high-risk visitors while maintaining a smooth operational flow at the reception desk. Set up a digital visitor management system today to ensure your services are running smoothly, and your staff and visitor can further protect themselves in this pandemic.

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